Dialogue at a political level

Swissgrid makes an important contribution to Switzerland's economic and social development through its operation and expansion of the transmission grid. Environmental responsibility is a central component of our corporate culture.

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    Swissgrid presents its position on the revision of the Energy Act (EnG)

    The legal framework must also support the integration of renewable energies into the overall system.

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  • | Media release

    Revision of the Federal Electricity Supply Act

    The Federal Electricity Supply Act is the most important legal basis for Swissgrid’s operations. The current revision aims, in particular, to completely liberalise the electricity market and introduce a storage reserve.

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  • Strategy

    With its Strategy 2022, Swissgrid is creating the basis for the secure supply of electricity in Switzerland.

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  • Approval process

    Swissgrid is responsible for the project planning for and implementation of the transmission lines.

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