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Swissgrid signs contract with the capacity calculation region Italy North

Swissgrid has reached an important milestone for the security of grid operations on the southern border. At the end of 2021, the transmission system operators and the respective national regulators of the capacity calculation region Italy North signed a private-law contract with Swissgrid. Swissgrid will be fully involved in cross-border capacity calculation methods, as well as in redispatch and security coordination processes.

This is an important step towards ensuring the security of the transmission grid in Switzerland, but does not represent a solution in the long term. After 12 months, the EU regulatory authorities of the transmission system operators involved must approve the contract again. In addition, Italy North is to be merged with the capacity calculation region CORE in the future, which will require new contracts.

These contracts are necessary because Switzerland is not part of the capacity calculation regions or the combined electricity markets due to the lack of an electricity agreement with the European Union. This means that Switzerland’s grid elements are not sufficiently taken into account in the calculation of capacities for transnational electricity trade. This increases the risk of unplanned electricity flows and thus impairs grid security. Thanks to the new contract, the situation on the Swiss southern border has been defused for the time being; as far as the northern border is concerned, work with CORE is still ongoing.

The capacity calculation region Italy North includes the cross-border capacities between Italy, Austria, Slovenia and France. CORE consists of Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia and Romania.



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