Strategic Grid 2025

For the transmission grid of the future

Switzerland’s electricity system is in the midst of the greatest upheaval in its successful history. The energy reform is changing the entire electricity economy.

The modernisation of the transmission grid has slowed down in the past few decades. Only a third of Swissgrid's entire 6,700-kilometre transmission grid dates from the period after 1980, even though the demands on the grid have shifted dramatically in recent years. On the one hand, new energy sources and power plants have been connected to the grid, and on the other, electricity consumption has risen.

This constantly rising demand is already leading to structural bottlenecks in the transmission grid, and this congestion will only increase further in the future. It is therefore important to remove all weak points so that Swissgrid can contribute to ensuring the security of supply and the efficiency of the Swiss electricity system.

Modernising the transmission grid is therefore key to ensuring a sustainable energy future. Switzerland can have the upgraded grid it needs by 2025. The measures needed to upgrade the grid are presented transparently in Swissgrid’s «Strategic Grid 2025» report.




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