CAS «electrical energy systems – system operation»

The new federal energy strategy, the modernisation of operations, and the change in European energy markets present major challenges for the energy system. In order to continue to ensure the established security of supply and quality, it is essential that the right decisions are made with regard to grid and market operations.

Advanced training in system operations
The new advanced training course on the subject of electrical energy systems focuses on system operations to help prepare specialists of distribution system operators, power plant operators, federal railways and Swissgrid for the oncoming challenges as well as possible.
This course will help participants develop the following skills:

  • Analysing electrical energy systems and planning operations
    Typical work scenarios: Optimising grid operations, determining a project’s technical and regulatory feasibility, proposing and planning grid optimisations and expansions.
  • Operating electrical grids
    Typical work scenarios: Analysing faults in the grid, proposing measures to secure grid stability, identifying critical operating situations early on, finding economic solutions for grid and market operations to minimise the impact of faults.

Swissgrid was able to work with Romande Energie, Omicron and the Research Centre for Energy Grids (FEN) to launch the certified course and influence the training content.

General goals
The goal of the afore-mentioned advanced training course is to offer interested engineers system operations training that can be applied to the entire industry. After completing the course, participants will be able to apply their skills in multiple areas and will have attained a standardised, high-quality training certificate covering various fields in electrical energy systems.