Interconnection between grid, operation and market

Swissgrid is the national grid company and is responsible for reliably operating the grid without discrimination, and for maintaining, modernising and expanding the extra-high-voltage grid safely, efficiently and with respect for the environment. In this role, Swissgrid needs strategic answers to the political, social and economic challenges in its environment. The optimum interconnection between system operation, the power market and the transmission grid forms the core of the Swissgrid strategy. Sustainable solutions to the challenges posed by the new energy policy can only be found by the close coordination of operational measures, market rules and the renewal and expansion of the transmission grid.


We plan, build and maintain our grid with foresight

The renewal and expansion of the transmission grid are of utmost importance for a secure electricity supply and for Switzerland's role as the electricity hub and battery of Europe. As owner of the transmission grid Swissgrid is also responsible for the grid’s maintenance and expansion. In terms of maintenance, increased efficiency is achieved by means of concentrated tendering of the maintenance services and increased standardisation. With regard to expansion, the focus is on the future and doing the utmost to support the energy strategy of the Federal Government, using a modern grid which meets demands. Swissgrid is planning these investments based on a comprehensive analysis of the status of the grid and supported by energy policy scenarios extending up to 2035. Swissgrid will lead an open and transparent dialogue about the assumptions and the resulting grid in 2025.

The grid of the future must be implemented in good time. We are thus working towards the adaptation of the legal framework of planning and approval procedures.


We are responsible for a reliable and secure grid

The increasing proportion of renewable energy produced locally as a result of energy reform leads to increased volatility of the electricity flow on the grid. At the same time, the dynamism of the energy market is increasing. Today's system operation therefore needs to be enhanced. The capacity to react faster enables a higher degree of automation in grid operation and the use of new forecasting and risk models. This means grid operation can be designed in a more flexible and at the same time more efficient manner in the medium-term. Swissgrid prepares employees for these increasing demands with new training concepts and the use of simulators.

The security of supply will be increased by setting up a second control centre and through further investment in the physical and virtual protection of our facilities. In addition, our attention is focussed on the protection of people and the environment, which Swissgrid must ensure at all times.


We are engaged in moulding the future of energy in Switzerland and Europe

The market-oriented integration of renewable energies, close coupling with the European electricity markets and the expansion of the international pool of ancillary service providers are key elements for us. In the long term, Europe needs an improved market design permitting integration of renewable energies and which handles bottlenecks in the European grid more efficiently. The goal must be to integrate Switzerland more closely into the European power market and to help shape the future organisation of the European power market in order to ensure the supply of electricity and guarantee the competitive ability of the Swiss electricity industry. The development of the successful market place for ancillary services also increasingly extends beyond the borders of Switzerland, which enhances liquidity for Switzerland as well as enabling Swiss suppliers to participate in international TSO markets.

Swissgrid as a strong partner in Switzerland and a leading European grid operator

In the interest of the Swiss public and national economy, Swissgrid must be one of the leading European grid operators in terms of quality and efficiency. With the strategic focus on the dimensions of grid, operation and market, Swissgrid is prepared for the challenges ahead. However, in order to make an impact, strategies must be implemented successfully. This can be achieved together with dedicated and qualified employees and through good cooperation with the Swiss electricity industry and European partners.