A secure supply of energy: Today and tomorrow.

Electricity is a driving force that provides quality of life for millions of people in Switzerland. To ensure that this remains the case, Swissgrid is already working on the electricity supply of the future.

Swissgrid creates long-term added value for our economy and society. The focus is on supplying Switzerland with electricity in a secure, as well as an ecologically and economically sustainable, manner. Swissgrid is committed to this objective:

  • Safety and security have the highest priority for Swissgrid. An integral safety and security management ensures that people and the environment are not adversely affected by the company’s activities and that employees, plants, systems and information are protected from outside influences. For this purpose, Swissgrid operates, amongst other things, a certified occupational safety system in accordance with OHSA18001.
  • Treating people and nature responsibly is a central component of Swissgrid's corporate culture. In order to maintain a high quality of life for future generations, address environmental concerns systematically, and continuously optimise the use of natural resources, the company operates a certified environmental management system in accordance with ISO14001.
  • Swissgrid is committed to a transmission grid that is operated economically. The company wants to continuously improve its efficiency and effectiveness and consistently implements measures to lower operating costs.
  • At a European level, Swissgrid participates actively in the Renewables Grid Inititative (RGI). This alliance of transmission system operators and environmental groups aims to fully integrate electricity from renewable energy sources into the European grids.

Swissgrid stands for secure and sustainable electricity supply in Switzerland. Today and tomorrow.



As a company regulated by the ElCom, Swissgrid is subject to very restrictive general conditions. The involvement of Swissgrid is limited to energy-based topics or to those which are directly related to its legal remit. Swissgrid cannot in principle meet any requests for sponsorship relating to other topics.