Media releases


Overall price burden in transmission grid remains unchanged for 2016

The costs for ancillary services will go down while those for using the grid will rise in accordance with long-term planning. Both effects will cancel each other out.


Swissgrid welcomes the approach of the grid strategy

The approval procedures are being organised more efficiently and an appropriate process is being established for the broadly coordinated planning of the grids.


Swissgrid and the European transmission system operators cope with the solar eclipse with no difficulty

In spite of extremely good weather today, Europe's transmission system operators coped well with solar eclipse.


Swissgrid decides on further efficiency measures

The Board of Directors of Swissgrid confirmed the additional measures proposed by the Executive Board to increase efficiency and reduce costs at its last meeting.


Irene Fischbach becomes new Head of Communications

Irene Fischbach has been named the new Head of Corporate Communications.


Amendments to articles of incorporation and election of replacement member of Board of Directors

At today’s extraordinary General Assembly of Swissgrid Ltd, shareholders agreed to the Board of Directors’ proposals regarding the creation of two share categories.


Federal Councillor Doris Leuthard opens Swissgrid's second control centre in Prilly near Lausanne

In the past, Swissgrid relied solely on the control centre in Laufenburg to coordinate power transmissions over Switzerland's extra-high-voltage grid.