Media releases


Timely grid renovation and expansion jeopardized

The grid renovation that is necessary for Switzerland's security of supply is progressing very sluggishly.


Pronovo announced as enforcement agency for renewable energies advancement programmes

Swissgrid has established the independent subsidiary Pronovo AG as the accredited certification body for recording guarantees of origin and processing federal funding programmes for renewable energies.


Swissgrid acquires further transmission grid systems and plans requisite share capital increases

The corresponding amendments to the articles of incorporation are to be approved by the Federal Council in December 2017.


Ground-breaking ceremony for the expansion of the Pradella – La Punt extra-high-voltage line

Swissgrid is expanding the existing line, thereby removing a grid bottleneck.


Chamoson – Chippis extra-high-voltage line: Federal Court rejects complaints

Swissgrid can now begin construction work on the overhead line between Chamoson and Chippis in the canton of Wallis.


Secure supply of electricity in Greater Bern: Swissgrid strengthens Bassecourt – Mühleberg line

The line is part of the «Strategic Grid 2025» and will secure the supply for Greater Bern when the Mühleberg power plant will be shut down in 2019.


Swissgrid outsources central office for collection of grid premiums, feed-in tariffs and guarantees of origin

Until now, Swissgrid has been responsible for collecting grid premiums, feed-in tariffs and issuing guarantees of origin.