Media releases


Valuation of installations of the transmission system

Since Swissgrid is able to use the income from auctions to cover the allowable costs of the transmission system, it will be possible to avoid any tariff-increasing effect.


380-kV line from Beznau to Birr: Partial underground cabling «Gäbihübel» can be realised

The planning approval decision of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) on 19 July 2016 for the grid construction project Beznau – Birr has come into force, as no complaints have been received opposing it.


Changes in the Executive Board

Luca Baroni, Head of Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer of Swissgrid, will be leaving the company at the end of 2016 to become the new Head of Finances at BLS AG.


Maurice Dierick to become Head of Grid at Swissgrid

He is therefore the successor to Yves Zumwald, who was named CEO in March 2016.


Extra-high-voltage line Pradella – La Punt: Plans for expansion approved

The line will be upgraded to 2 x 380 kV by means of an additional line covering a length of 49 kilometres, which will eliminate grid congestion.


Swissgrid shareholders approve all resolutions proposed by the Board of Directors

Andreas Rickenbacher now holds the office of the canton’s representative on the Board of Directors.


Swissgrid increases efficiency and looks back at a successful 2015

Thanks to further consolidation of our operational activities and the careful management of the transmission system along with the associated market activities, we were able to further increase our efficiency.