Distribution system operators (DSO)

The group of distribution system operators (DSO) includes all market players who operate an electricity network in Switzerland. These are generally electricity supply companies (ESC) which guarantee the secure and reliable operation of their distribution system and thereby ensure electricity supply to their end customers. There are currently around 800 distribution system operators in Switzerland.

Based on various criteria such as contractual relationships, positioning on the market or technical factors, Swissgrid divides the DSOs into three segments in terms of customer care:

  • Distribution system operators connected to the transmission system
  • Regional distribution system operator
  • Local distribution system operator

In collaboration with the DSOs, Swissgrid ensures that all the necessary contracts, processes and regulations for secure and reliable operation and non-discriminatory use of the electricity grid are in place.

The DSOs form an important stakeholder group within the industry with regard to market development and implementation of new themes. Issues are dealt with in working and consultation groups together with Swissgrid and other industry representatives.