User Group BGM

The UG BGM is a consultation group with participants of Swissgrid and the actual balance groups. The main goal of this group is the regular and technical exchange of information regarding to balance group management topics.

More information about the user group balance group

Head of the group
Thomas Hauri, Market Operations Enhancement, Swissgrid Ltd
Purpose Optimising cooperation and information exchange between Swissgrid and the BGMs
Activities and main topics
  • Swissgrid informs of planned changes or reforms to systems, processes and contracts
  • Exchange of experiences between BGs (balance groups) and Swissgrid
Members and participants
  • All balance groups with a valid balance group contract with Swissgrid
  • Swissgrid experts from Market Products and Analysis, Schedule / Data Management and Settlement
Mettings The User Group Meeting BGM will take place as far as possible once a year.


Meetings in the past (UGM BGM)