Operational documents

Date Description Format
19.07.2017 Limit/Imbalance Violation E-Mail and Report – Manual PDF
30.01.2017 Incident Report Template clause 2.3.3 «Exceptions» PDF
16.11.2016 BG Acceptance Test Version 4.0 PDF
05.06.2012 Style sheet ERRP V3R0 ZIP
08.07.2011 Example Status Request XML
08.07.2011 Status Request Document PDF


Documents for balance group registration

Date Description Format
01.09.2016 Template 1: SEPA form PDF
18.08.2016 Guideline for setting up a balance group, version 1.1 PDF
18.08.2016 User Guide for the customer portal for balance groups PDF
14.07.2016 Template 5: Sample application bank guarantee PDF
14.07.2016 Template 4: Authorisation PDF
14.07.2016 Template 3: Attestation of pump and power plant shares PDF
28.11.2008 Template 2: Direct debit form (EUR) PDF
17.09.2008 Bank details form PDF