EIC Issuing Office (12)

Clear rules and standardised definitions are essential to facilitate uniform electronic data exchange between the various parties involved. To guarantee this, the ETSO (European Transmission System Operators) has developed the standard coding system Energy Identification Code (EIC). This coding system is used for

  • schedule management on the basis of the ETSO Scheduling System (ESS)
  • data exchange (measurement data and change processes) in accordance with ebIX

Since 1 July 2009, ETSO’s tasks have been assumed by the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E).

Swissgrid acts as the Swiss EIC Issuing Office (IO).

The Association of Swiss Electricity Companies (VSE) has published a document on standardized data exchange for the Swiss electricity market (German) on its website www.strom.ch. This states that all parties involved in data exchange must have a unique identification code. The EIC is used for this purpose.

The EIC distinguishes between the X code and the Y code. The X code identifies a party, in other words a company (one code per VAT registration number). The Y code identifies an area, i.e. a grid area.

Every grid operator therefore needs a Y code to identify its grid area and an X code to identify the party.

As a result of the separation of grid area and market (unbundling), an X code is required for the market functions (i.e. the role of supplier and balance group manager). This X code is needed by existing EUCs for distribution and trading. The X code is used for supplier activities and for operation of a balance group if a proprietary balance group is opened.

Because of the large quantity of new codes, issuing in Switzerland has been reorganised. All codes already issued will retain their validity; new codes will be issued with serial numbers.

The display name (for verbal communication) consists of an assigned 13-digit abbreviation for the company, followed by the suffix

  • «-GO» for Grid Operator
  • «-GA» for Grid Area
  • «-ST» for Sales & Trading

Recommendation: in order to find your code in the PDF, please use the full text search function in your PDF program.

If you need an EIC:

Please e-mail your completed EIC application to the Issuing Office (info@swissgrid.ch). And please also fax the signed application to +41 58 580 21 21.

EIC request form by fax and e-mail (PDF)