ACER (Agency for the Cooperation between Energy Regulators)

ACER is the EU's regulatory authority for energy and advises ENTSO-E in developing network codes and acts as a link to the European Commission.

CEER (Council of European Energy Regulator)

The regulatory authorities of the European countries work together in CEER, with the aim of facilitating an efficient internal electricity market in the EU.

ENTSO-E (European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity)

ENTSO-E is the European Network of  Transmission System Operators. Its membership is comprised of 41 transmission system operators from 34 countries. Switzerland is represented by Swissgrid. ENTSO-E's main responsibilities are to elaborate network codes, coordinate the TSOs and further develop the transmission systems.

Florence School of Regulation

The Florence School of Regulation is a research centre which promotes debate on key regulatory issues and offers a forum where European authorities and market participants can exchange views.

Renewables Grid Initiative

The Renewables Grid Initiative (RGI) is an association of transmission system operators and NGOs (including environmental groups) who work together to promote the full integration of renewable energy sources into the European networks.

TSC (TSO Security Cooperation)

TSO Security Cooperation promotes technical cooperation between eleven Central European TSOs. Grid security is its main priority, for which purpose there is an intensive exchange of data via shared platforms. Switzerland is represented by Swissgrid in the TSC.