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As the national grid company, Swissgrid has an obligation to the Swiss population. Its key responsibility is to guarantee a secure supply of electricity for Switzerland. For that reason, Swissgrid works to ensure a modern grid that is capable of meeting future requirements. Innovative, application-oriented research that contributes to this is supported by Swissgrid. Priority is given to research activities and studies that

  • serve to ensure the future of the Swiss power market
  • increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the power system (grid operation and construction)
  • raise the security of the power system
  • contribute towards creating a basis for constructive debate
  • bring relevant findings in the short to medium term

Please use the attached form to apply for Swissgrid’s cooperation in innovation projects.

Focus in terms of content

Swissgrid sets particular store by pilot and demonstration projects in which new technologies, systems or procedures are tested through practical application.

Swissgrid works to ensure a secure, sustainable and competitive future for Switzerland in terms of power. Accordingly, it is already working intensively on various future-oriented topics both nationally and in the European grid network. These activities, which are already underway, concern the fundamental areas of interest that are also relevant aspects for cooperation with universities and research institutes:

  • Intelligent grids, smart grid
  • Grid expansion, super grid
  • Market models for the power market in Switzerland and Europe
  • Economic reflections on grid and market development projects
  • Power transmission technologies: cables and overhead lines, direct current and alternating current
  • Grid security aspects in relation to the transmission grid, cyber security
  • Coordinated system operation horizontally (with other transmission grid operators) and vertically (with distribution grids and power plants in Switzerland)
Swissgrid requirements with respect to project partners

Should a partnership arise, project partners must declare their consent to Swissgrid providing information about participation in the project transparently on the Swissgrid homepage. The title, content and aims of the project as well as dates (start/end) and the names of all project partners will be published. Rules for the handling of confidential information will be contractually established.

Following completion of the project, Swissgrid will summarise the main results of the project in a final project report. Detailed information will be published following consultation and with the consent of all parties involved in the project. Where required, Swissgrid can also provide information about project progress before the end of the project.

Swissgrid insists on being able to use project results for its own purposes free of charge. This does not concern the commercial marketing of project results. The project partners accept that confidential documents that are exchanged as part of the project will be made available to the regulatory authority ElCom at its request.


Swissgrid supports applied research and development projects by recognised institutes that are either of great interest for Swissgrid itself or for the Swiss power market. Swissgrid reserves the right to answer to requests only that contain recognised scientific contents.



We look forward to receiving your application. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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As a company regulated by the ElCom, Swissgrid is subject to very restrictive general conditions. The involvement of Swissgrid is limited to energy-based topics or to those which are directly related to its legal remit. Swissgrid cannot in principle meet any requests for sponsorship relating to other topics.