The Renewables Grid Initiative: a grid for renewable energy

Europe aims to increase the proportion of energy it generates from renewable sources to between 30% and 35% of electricity consumed by 2020. It has also set itself the target of reducing emissions by between 80% and 95% by 2050.

A prerequisite for these ambitious goals is that renewable energies can be fully integrated into the electricity grid. The Renewables Grid Initiative (RGI) campaigns for and supports this integration. The members of the RGI campaign for a fundamental modernisation and expansion of the grid infrastructure with strategic electricity supply lines to transport regenerative electricity from remote generation sites to consumption centres. The RGI is also campaigning heavily for the development of smart grids, which are an essential precondition for the integration of renewable energies from both decentralised production and large-scale wind and solar power plants.

The Renewables Grid Initiative was launched by Germanwatch, TenneT, 50Hertz and WWF International in 2009. Various European transmission system operators joined in 2010, including Swissgrid.