Environmental impact assessment

As part of the approval process (UVP), the environmental impact assessment examines whether a project complies with the legal regulations for environmental protection. The environmental impact assessment report (UVB) is the basis for the examination. As the client, Swissgrid is responsible for the preparation and submittal of the UVB documents. However, an independent, professionally qualified office is normally commissioned to prepare the UVB. Various issues are dealt with in the report, including noise, non-ionising radiation, water, soil, contamination, forest, biotope and vegetation, fauna and habitat, landscape and visual character, cultural monuments and archaeological sites.

Environmental supervision

Environmental supervision (UBB) looks after and monitors environmental concerns during construction and supports the client in the legally compliant and environmentally compatible execution of the construction project. In the process, it ensures compliance with environmental laws, regulations, guidelines, instructions and requirements of the planning approval decision. They advise and support the participants, observe and evaluate environmental problems on the construction site and ensure legally compliant execution of the project.