The Swiss transmission system

Every day electricity from energy producers finds its way to the power socket in your home: at the right time, in the right quantity and at prices in line with the market.

Swissgrid operates the Swiss transmission system and secures the transport of energy across long distances. The Swiss grid has two main tasks:

  • Transport electricity from the producing power plant to the end consumer via the transmission system. Electricity reaches domestic power sockets via regional and local system distributors.
  • Electricity is traded, exported and imported in Europe. Situated at the heart of Europe, Switzerland has an important role as a transit country: electricity exports from Germany to Italy travel via Switzerland and the same happens for the East-West axis.

The Swiss transmission system is 6,700 kilometres long, about the distance from Zurich to Washington, D.C. The Swiss transmission system is connected to those of the neighbouring countries at over 40 points.

Secure supply around the clock

As the owner of the Swiss transmission system, Swissgrid is responsible for maintaining, modernising and expanding it to meet demand. Swissgrid’s task is to manage the transmission system safely, efficiently and economically. The focus here is on security of supply. The Swiss transmission system is one of the most stable in the world and forms the backbone of Switzerland’s security of supply.

Swissgrid possesses a comprehensive information technology infrastructure with which it is able to map an up-to-date model of the Swiss transmission system from around 40,000 data points. From them, about 10,000 measurements and switch positions of every grid element are recorded and processed in cycles of less than 20 seconds. The Swissgrid Control Room monitors the system 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

To ensure a secure supply of electricity, it is also necessary to coordinate and regulate the electricity flow within a grid that extends right across Europe. To do so, Swissgrid cooperates closely with its European partners.