Data and facts
about the Swiss transmission system

The graphics on the following pages outline key facts and figures concerning the power grid. Swissgrid continuously compiles operating information, analyses it, and leverages it to optimise grid deployment. We use detailed criteria to monitor and assess the status of the transmission system in Switzerland.

Current grid key figures

  • Energy production
  • Total energy consumption
  • End user consumption
  • Import, export and transit –
    Daily, monthly and yearly comparsion
  • Transmission system losses
  • Frequency statistics
  • Vertical load
  • Vertical feed-ins
  • Net outflow from the
    transission system
  • Control energy and energy consumption
  • Control energy requests
  • Power plant availability
  • Number of distribution system operators
  • Energy volume distributed and number of DSOs
  • Balance groups

Data 2016

Total length of transmission system, domestic: 6,700 km
Electricity pylons: 12'000
Substations: 141

Total energy production: 58'988 GWh
Import: 33'505 GWh
Export: 29'091 GWh
Transit: 23'887 GWh

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