Swissgrid forms the European and Swiss power markets

The liberalisation of the European power market is advancing by leaps and bounds. The aim of the liberalisation of the power market is to open up the markets of various countries and to establish a common European internal power market. Switzerland is also affected by this development. As a result of its central location, a large number of cross-border lines and its flexible hydroelectric capacity, it is a significant power hub in Europe. Swissgrid represents the interests of Switzerland on numerous European bodies (including the ENTSO-E) to ensure that Switzerland will be able to continue to perform this role in future. Swissgrid is also committed to rapid connection to the European internal electricity market, so that the power flows, which are increasingly influenced by the market, can be efficiently forecast and controlled. This is also associated with added value for the Swiss economy.

Even within Switzerland, Swissgrid promotes competition in the power market. It has created a market for control energy, which it actively operates. Swissgrid needs control energy to compensate for the difference between electricity production and consumption, as well as to maintain the frequency of 50 hertz. Swissgrid has massively reduced the costs of ancillary services – as a result of the adaptation and extension of its product range, the opening up of the market for international participants and the introduction of control pooling.