Congestion management

Targeted congestion management is a key priority for Swissgrid in line with its legal responsibility for reliable grid operation.

Electricity traders and producers export excess electricity to other countries or procure the electricity they lack from abroad. They use the Swissgrid network to transport it over the border. But the transmission capacity of the network is limited, and this can lead to congestion in the grid. Congestion management aims to prevent this congestion from happening in the first place. The transmission capacity is actively managed, which keeps the grid stable and prevents outages.

Auctions are the key tool of congestion management: transmission capacities in cross-border traffic are auctioned off. Auctions guarantee transparent allocation and the same criteria apply to all companies that submit bids. Auctions are used in most European countries today. Preventive congestion management helps to keep the grid stable and provide Switzerland with a secure supply of electricity.