Swissgrid Control

Swissgrid operators monitor the Swiss electricity grid around the clock, keeping it stable by means of preventive congestion management. If faults occur, they intervene in collaboration with the electricity producers. They also ensure that the Swiss electricity grid maintains an even balance with respect to Europe, thus keeping the European grid stable, too.


Additional grid control room in Romandie

In December 2014 Swissgrid put an additional grid control room into operation at its Regional Office Romandie (ROR) in Prilly, near Lausanne. With «Swissgrid Control 2», Swissgrid now has a second grid control room additional to the existing grid control room in Laufenburg. The two control rooms are linked, complementing one another and carrying out joint activities. Those require the introduction of uniform operating and process standards, as well as shared systems for operations. From Prilly Swissgrid currently guarantees the operation of the transmission grid in Western Switzerland, which makes up around one third of the Swiss transmission system. In the short / medium term – as soon as the grid control rooms in Laufenburg and Prilly undertake all the switching procedures in the extra-high-voltage grid – their activities will extend across Switzerland. The grid control room in Prilly has nine workstations and two training rooms. «Swissgrid Control 2» operates around the clock, 365 days a year.

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Federal Councillor Doris Leuthard joined Swissgrid in opening Swissgrid's second control centre in Prilly, near Lausanne. The new facility is part of the Swiss grid operator's new Regional Office Romandie (ROR). In the past, Swissgrid relied solely on the control centre in Laufenburg to coordinate power transmissions over Switzerland's extra-high-voltage grid. Soon, it will be able to perform these activities from either control centre or split up the work between them. By adding a second control centre, Swissgrid has improved the security of supply in Switzerland and underscored the importance of Western Switzerland for the Swiss electricity system.



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