Since the opening of the electricity market at the beginning of 2009, Swissgrid has been receiving various energy data in its capacity as transmission system operator and balance group coordinator. It makes these available to the public.

The data is published continuously in the following charts and monthly in the «Energy Overview Switzerland». The data are reliable from 6 months onwards, until then the partners from the electricity sector who provide Swissgrid with the data can still claim changes.

Import, export and transit

Import refers to the total energy volume arriving into Switzerland from abroad via all cross-border lines. Export refers to the total flowing in the opposite direction. These totals are calculated by simultaneously adding up meter values. Transit power is the energy fed in from abroad every 15 minutes that is not consumed during the same 15 minutes in Switzerland.

Transmission system losses

For physical reasons, the electrical transmission grid always records losses. These losses come about, for example, through resistance in lines or transformers, and are released as heat into the environment. Factors such as grid load, outside temperature and switching states in the grid have an impact on the volumes lost. As transmission system operator, Swissgrid covers the losses of the transmission grid by procuring the corresponding electricity volumes on the energy market. The volume lost depends not least on the electricity volume transported.



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