Investor Relations

Investor Relations are on hand for analysts and investors for all questions involving Swissgrid. Swissgrid provides transparent, up-to-date and continuous information in accordance with the ad hoc publicity requirements of the SIX Swiss Exchange.

Hans Bucher
Hans Bucher

Corporate Finance & Investor Relations

Phone +41 58 580 27 71

Important dates

  • Tuesday, 16 April 2024: Annual media conference
  • Thursday, 26 September 2024: Half-year report

  • Corporate Governance

    Swissgrid places great importance on good corporate governance. You can find detailed information on corporate governance here.

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  • Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility

    For Swissgrid, sustainability means being the backbone for a secure supply of electricity in Switzerland, both now and in the future.

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  • History

    Swissgrid is the national grid company. It is responsible for the safe operation and monitoring of the Swiss transmission grid.

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  • Events

    Swissgrid regularly organises company events and participates in expert panel discussions. Dialogue with experts and the public is absolutely critical for Swissgrid. The mutual exchange of ideas helps to develop understanding and increase knowledge.

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Media releases

  • | Media release

    Swissgrid in the 2023 financial year: strong basis established for the modernisation of the transmission system

    Swissgrid can look back on a successful 2023 financial year. In response to the profound transformation of the electricity system, the company launched its Strategy 2027 and achieved early successes in its implementation.
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  • | Media release

    Negotiations on an electricity agreement with the EU can begin

    Swissgrid welcomes this important step towards strengthening grid security and security of supply, legal certainty and Switzerland’s ability to help shape the European electricity system.
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  • | Media release

    An electricity agreement with the European Union remains the main priority

    The meeting of Switzerland’s largest energy producers and grid operators took place today on the subject of why the country needs an electricity agreement with the EU. Numerous key figures from politics, the electricity sector and the authorities discussed the importance of an electricity agreement for Switzerland. The tenor was clear: an electricity agreement with the EU would ensure greater security of supply, grid stability, legal certainty and opportunities for Switzerland to help shape the future.
    Read article



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