Production and consumption

Since the opening of the electricity market at the beginning of 2009, Swissgrid has been receiving various energy data in its capacity as transmission system operator and balance group coordinator. It makes these available to the public.

The data is published continuously in the following charts and monthly in the «Energy Overview Switzerland». The data are reliable from 6 months onwards, until then the partners from the electricity sector who provide Swissgrid with the data can still claim changes.

Energy production

This chart shows the volume of electrical energy produced in Switzerland. It maps total production (green curve) and the volume of energy that is fed directly into the transmission system (grey curve). The resulting difference is the electricity fed directly into the distribution system. Switzerland’s current energy system is based on electricity production that usually takes place in large power plant blocks. This energy is initially transported within the transmission system, before being distributed through the various grid levels to consumers.

Total energy consumption

This chart illustrates the development of overall energy consumption per month in Switzerland. This is the volume of energy consumed, including pumps in pumped storage plants, in-house consumption by power plants, and losses in the whole electric grid.

End user consumption

This chart shows the volume of electrical energy used by end consumers in Switzerland each month. It does not include transmission losses, energy needed to run pumps, or energy consumed by the power plants themselves.



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