Ancillary services

Ancillary services ensure a continuous balance between consumption and production. Swissgrid has the legally prescribed task of procuring ancillary services using market-based processes.

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  • | Media release

    Bassecourt – Mühleberg voltage increase

    Since 21 November 2023, electricity has been flowing at 380 kilovolts (kV) on the line between Bassecourt (JU) and Mühleberg (BE). As a result of the higher voltage, more electrical energy can be transported on this important north-south connection. This is particularly essential in winter, when Switzerland is dependent on electricity imports from neighbouring countries.
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  • | Media release | Ad hoc

    First half of 2023: Swissgrid is modernising the grid infrastructure and supporting the transformation of the energy system

    In the first half of 2023, Swissgrid continued to invest in the maintenance and modernisation of the grid infrastructure and implemented the Confederation’s measures to ensure Switzerland’s security of supply.
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  • | Media release

    Procurement of the third tranche of the hydropower reserve for next winter has taken place

    In accordance with the ordinance on the establishment of a winter hydropower reserve (WResV), Swissgrid today procured the third tranche of the hydropower reserve for the coming winter as part of a tendering procedure. The Federal Electricity Commission ElCom has examined the tenders and approved the awarding of contracts.
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