Sectoral contracts and annexes

Security of supply is ensured through the interaction of several links in a chain. There are various different players involved in this chain. Producers of electricity, transporters, distributors and customers are all involved in this process. Each link in this chain must exercise due care in the performance of their assigned role in accordance with market and system rules. The assignment of roles, tasks and responsibilities to the players must be governed by clear and binding legal relationships so that the players can engage in a market-oriented activity. Within this new understanding of roles, the sector clearly makes a substantial contribution towards ensuring security of supply.

General documents


Operational contracts

Operational contracts for power plant operators

Operational contracts for distribution system operators

Manual load shedding


Balance groups

This contract concluded in French, German, English and Italian (following the language of the BGM). However, only Swissgrid documents published in German are legally binding. All Swissgrid documents written in another language are translations and, as such, are not legally binding.


Grid connection


Grid usage


Ancillary services

The terms and conditions for delivery of ancillary services are set out in ancillary service contracts. Following examination of the technical and operational requirements of a supplier (Prequalification), contracts can be concluded for the respective product (Ancillary services). This then allows quotations to be submitted for invitations to tender.

Primary control

Secondary control

Tertiary control

Active power losses

Black start and island operation capability

Form for a partner plant participation

AS allocation procedure


Power reserve

Hydroelectric reserve

Reserve power plants

Emergency power groups

Annexes and contract addenda




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