Strategy 2022

For the future of electricity in Switzerland

Safety is the top priority in everything we do

With its Strategy 2022, Swissgrid is creating the basis for the secure supply of electricity in Switzerland. With its new strategy, Swissgrid intends to achieve four long-term corporate objectives. These are:

Safety & security

Safety at work and the security of our systems are ensured.

Security of supply

The transmission grid is stable at all times and available to supply electricity.

Operational excellence

Swissgrid works efficiently and effectively in the service of the Swiss economy and electricity industry.

Grid transfer capacity

Swissgrid is optimising the future transmission grid through innovative technologies, construction projects and market-based initiatives.

Five priorities of Strategy 2022

Safety for people, systems and the environment

Working on the transmission grid is hazardous. Swissgrid’s employees do their utmost every day to make the work safer.

Integrated plant and system operations

The integration of plant and system operations increases the efficiency and safety of the transmission grid.

Intelligent use of new technologies

Security of supply is efficiently maintained through the use of intelligent methods and technologies and better performance is extracted from the existing infrastructure.

Close cooperation with partners in Switzerland and Europe

Swissgrid is part of the system and cooperates with its partners at home and abroad in order to fulfil its role to optimum effect.

The Swissgrid spirit

Switzerland is relying on Swissgrid to facilitate the transformation of the energy system – with intelligence, initiative and integrity.


Dedicated to serving the Swiss economy and electricity industry

We are engaged in moulding the future of energy in Switzerland and Europe

«We run the transmission grid constantly, reliably, efficiently and without discrimination on behalf of the Swiss economy and electricity industry. We are designing and building the transmission grid of the future.»

«Together with our partners in Switzerland and abroad, we use market-based solutions to further develop the energy system.»

«Safety is the top priority in everything we do.»



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