Balance groups

A balance group can conduct energy transactions with other balance group managers at home and abroad, accept energy from power plants or transfer energy to end consumers via this energy account.

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  • | Media release

    Temporary voltage increase on the Bickigen – Chippis and Bassecourt – Mühleberg lines

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  • | Media release

    Niederwil – Obfelden grid project

    The supply of electricity in the consumer centres in and around Aargau, Zurich and Lucerne is to be improved and ensured in the long term. On 31 August 2022, the Federal Council defined the planning corridor for constructing a new transmission line with a voltage of 380 kilovolts (kV) between Niederwil (AG) and Obfelden (ZH).
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  • | Media release

    More energy for the Engadin and Switzerland

    Electricity has been flowing along the upgraded extra-high-voltage line between Pradella and La Punt since 11 November 2022. This will eliminate a congestion point in the Swiss transmission grid. The Pradella – La Punt line is important for the security of supply in the canton of the Grisons and in Switzerland as a whole. As an alternative measure for the project, 1,100 distribution system pylons have been dismantled in the Engadin.
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