Balance group management

A balance group is an energy account managed by a Balance Group Manager (BGM). This energy account enables the balance group manager to

  • Trade energy with other balance group managers in Switzerland and abroad,
  • Accept energy from power plants or
  • Deliver energy to end consumers.

The balance group draws on balance energy whenever the group's import and export of energy are not in a state of equilibrium. Schedules and measured values are required to determine how much balance energy a balance group requires. Feed-ins and withdrawals are added up and the difference between them is charged as balance energy between Swissgrid and the respective balance group manager on a monthly basis.

Details of balance group management as well as the requirements for registering balance groups are described in the balance group contract and its annexes.

The submission deadline for the post scheduling adjustment process will take account of all Swissgrid's local and national public holidays. Swissgrid may make special arrangements for processing post scheduling adjustments during periods where several public holidays fall together (e.g. Easter, Christmas).

Documents for balance group registration

Matching of Post Scheduling Adjustment



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