Power plants

Swissgrid receives measured values and operating conditions sent from almost all large power plants. Without this information, secure grid operation would not even be possible.

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  • | News

    Causes of frequency drop of 10 January still under investigation

    A drop in frequency on the synchronously interconnected Continental Europe system was registered on 10 January 2019 at around 21.00. The causes of this drop are still under investigation by the transmission system operators (TSOs) of ENT-SO-E Regional Group Continental Europe.
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  • | Media release

    Swissgrid takes over additional parts of the transmission grid

    With the entry in the commercial register on 3 January 2019, Swissgrid has taken over additional facilities belonging to the transmission grid. At the same time, additional share capital was recorded in the commercial register.
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  • | Media release

    Swissgrid concludes additional share capital increase

    At the extraordinary General Assembly of Swissgrid Ltd held on 5 December 2018, shareholders agreed to the proposals of the Board of Directors.
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