Power plants

Swissgrid receives measured values and operating conditions sent from almost all large power plants. Without this information, secure grid operation would not even be possible.

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News and media releases

  • | Media release

    Secure connection between Haslital and Obergoms

    A number of options for the new extra-high-voltage line between Innertkirchen and Ulrichen are on the table.
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  • | Media release

    Change in the Executive Board of Swissgrid in 2021

    Rainer Mühlberger (62), Head of Technology and Deputy CEO, has decided to hand over the management of the business unit Technology and leave the Executive Board in the course of 2021.
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  • | Media release

    Power outage in Valais on 17 July 2020

    A chain of technical and human factors led to a supply disruption in Valais on 17 July 2020. This can be seen following investigations into this complex incident.
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