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Electricity's journey from the producer to the power socket is complex. The electrical energy passes long distances and through various stages before it is finally transformed to the 230 volts used by the consumer.

The transmission grid is the link between production and consumption. Therefore it plays a key role in the supply of electricity. Keeping the transmission system stable, safe and secure takes seamlessly operating infrastructure, continuous management of electricity flows and close cooperation with a wide variety of partners in Switzerland and Europe.

The heart of the transmission system, the Swissgrid grid control room, is located in Aarau. The operators monitor the grid around the clock and ensure that electricity is transported safely, securely and without interruption.

Are you interested in finding out more about the role of Swissgrid in the Swiss electricity supply system? Would you like to take a look over our operator's shoulders? We will be happy to show you our tasks and challenges in the «Meet Swissgrid» series.

Swissgrid Hauptsitz
1/3: Swissgrid headquarters
Visitor room Aarau
2/3: Visitor room Aarau
Swissgrid Netzleitstelle
3/3: Swissgrid Control

Information about «Meet Swissgrid»

Swissgrid is offering the series of events again in 2023.
You will find the dates from November 2022 here.

  • Duration of event: 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
  • The event will be held if 15 or more individuals register
  • The event is free of charge
  • The event will be in German
  • Since Swissgrid operates a critical infrastructure, access to the Swissgrid building in Aarau involves heightened security requirements. An officially valid form of identification is required to register and visit the facility. Registration for entry to the Swissgrid building may take some time.
  • How to get to Swissgrid's headquarters in Aarau



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