Swissgrid as an Employer

Swissgrid is a technology- and innovation-driven company that focuses on the future of electricity in Switzerland. We have over 550 employees who develop the best possible solutions for the Swiss transmission grid with the highest level of motivation, commitment and quality. They are responsible for the safe operation and the constant further development of the top grid level. Ensuring the safety of people, installations and the environment is the top priority. Our shared awareness that we are working for a critical infrastructure and thus making an important contribution to the high quality of life in Switzerland is what motivates us in our daily work. After all, electricity is crucial for everyday life.

«In my team we monitor the Swiss extra-high-voltage grid 24/7 and keep it stable.» Thuy Trang Bach, System Operator

What we offer you

Every employee at Swissgrid makes an important contribution to the safe and stable operation of the extra-high-voltage grid. The sustainable and efficient operation and expansion of the Swiss extra-high-voltage grid demands constant further development, not only with regard to technology. Without ambitious employees who are prepared to break new ground and drive forward and actively help shape innovation, there can be no progress. That is why we help our employees take responsibility, encourage their professional development and, at the same time, offer them maximum flexibility in their daily work. Mutual respect and a willingness to give our best for the grid of today and tomorrow characterise the working environment at Swissgrid.

A working environment with team spirit...

«Together we are shaping the electricity market of tomorrow. That is also the reason why we have a shared sense of spirit and are all working towards the same goal.» Stefanie Aebi, Specialist Product Development

Team spirit: We maintain a strong sense of solidarity, cooperating beyond the limits of individual teams. This feeling is encouraged not least by various internal company events and team-building sessions, which enable employees to network and exchange ideas.. Swissgrid fosters this team spirit and relies on synergies and agile cooperation.

Open working culture: Our interns have access to the same workstations in the building as the CEO. Desk sharing and an open office concept encourage unrestricted communication within the company. Flat hierarchies and a conscious sense of informality further enhance our trust-based working atmosphere, in which personal contact is highly valued.

Pleasant working atmosphere: Whether they prefer to work undisturbed or to be right in the thick of it, employees at Swissgrid can adapt their everyday working environment in the open office to suit their specific needs. With home zones for the teams, quiet and privacy rooms or green gardens, there is a selection of different workspaces and contact zones available.

Positive break-time atmosphere: Even outside and between working hours, we enjoy a strong sense of solidarity. The coffee break facilities, the company canteen, the gardens in the courtyard and even the football tables are used for breaks and encourage conversation. Evening activities such as sports groups, cultural events or after-work drinks parties are organised for employees on a regular basis.

Integration of new employees: New employees are closely supervised from day one and are introduced to the complex world of Swissgrid through various training courses and onboarding events. Swissgrid also supports new employees who move to Switzerland from abroad during their relocation and integration.

...and many personal advantages

«What I like is the diversity of the fields of activity, the good balance between outdoor and office work, and the opportunities for further training.» Thomas Schärer, HSE Manager Grid Infrastructure

Flexible working: Swissgrid offers flexible working hours and an ultra-modern infrastructure. To help our employees reconcile work and family life, we offer flexible working hours and the opportunity to work from home.

Fair pay: Since 2014 Swissgrid has been certified by the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS) for its wage equality between women and men. We also constantly monitor the market to ensure that all our employees have a fair and attractive salary.

Pension fund and social security benefits: We offer above-average social security benefits, and we are affiliated with a very well-established pension fund. A globally valid private accident insurance policy also guarantees our employees the best possible treatment – wherever they happen to be.

Work/life balance: Every year Swissgrid employees are entitled to between five and six weeks of holiday, plus the company holiday between Christmas and New Year. Offering the possibility to request part-time work and unpaid leave lets us create the conditions employees need to achieve a balance in line with their personal needs.

Further training: Employees are actively supported in their specialist fields with internal training courses and external further training. We constantly keep developing our employees, we invest in them, and we offer them career and promotion opportunities.

Language courses: As a company operating throughout Switzerland with the company languages German and French, we place great importance on our employees being multilingual. That is why we offer language courses in German, French and English, which take place every week via Skype.

«Swissgrid gives me the opportunity to keep developing both my hard skills and my soft skills.» Gianluca Bergami, Data Engineer

How to impress us

«The cooperation is very collegial, also with the superiors. I can exchange ideas with the CEO or the VFO in the same way as with a colleague at the same level.» Berisha Arbnore, Financial Accountant Corporate Services

At Swissgrid we set high standards in terms of expertise, quality and efficiency. For that reason, we are looking for employees with above-average qualifications and motivation who want to help us shape the future of electricity in Switzerland.

Do you plan ahead, take responsibility and enjoy proposing your own creative solutions? If you also have a passion for meaningful work and you want to be in a positive working environment characterised by mutual respect, then you’re in exactly the right place at Swissgrid.

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