Distribution system

In collaboration with the distribution system operators, Swissgrid ensures that all the necessary contracts, processes and regulations for secure and reliable operation and non-discriminatory use of the electricity grid are in place.

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  • | Medienmitteilung

    Objections to the Bassecourt – Mühleberg grid project

    The voltage increase of the Bassecourt – Mühleberg extra-high-voltage line will be delayed due to objections submitted to the Federal Administrative Court.
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  • | News

    Update on the adjustment of export capacities (NTC) on the northern border of Switzerland

    Swissgrid is cooperating with the neighbouring transmission system operators to optimise cross-border capacities so as to provide market participants maximum capacities.
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  • | News

    Analysis of the grid security violation on 20 May 2019 available

    Swissgrid investigated the strained situation in the Swiss transmission grid from 20 May 2019. The analysis shows that different factors played a major role in the violation of certain grid elements.
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