Voltage support

Swissgrid pursues the following objectives with regard to grid operation with its voltage support ancillary service:

  • Security and stability: The primary objective of voltage support is to maintain the voltages in the transmission system within a secure, stable range. The security of equipment or people must not be jeopardised.
  • ENTSO-E compliance: The two criteria «secure» and «stable» set out in the ENTSO-E Operation Handbook must be met to the greatest extent possible. In particular, the availability of sufficient reactive power resources and reactive power reserves to cover domestic demand in the Swiss control area must be ensured by Swissgrid.
  • Efficiency and cost minimisation: Within the remaining room for manoeuvre, the voltage should be set in such a way as to minimise the cost of grid operation. This concerns both the cost of covering active power losses and the cost of reactive energy in compliance with the requirements.

Conditions for active participation

  • Signing of the operational agreement
  • Application for participation in active voltage support
  • Montoring according to the «Requirements for monitoring data» document. Only the values «Uspannist» and «Qspannist» must be sent per infeed node in the case of grids that are immediately downstream of the transmission system and end customers that participate actively in voltage support.
  • Delivery of the data relevant for billing according to the document «Data interfaces for voltage support» (in German)




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