Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility

We are helping to shape the energy future – safely, innovatively and sustainably

Swissgrid has always taken a long-term and sustainable approach to its business activities. As part of its strategy development, Swissgrid has decided to systematise the ecological, economic and social measures already in place in the various business areas and to anchor sustainability even more throughout the company. All areas of sustainability management at Swissgrid are now grouped together under «Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility» (CSER) and represent an important component of Swissgrid’s Strategy 2027.

Sustainability Report 2022 - Statement by Yves Zumwald

Fields of action

Swissgrid is guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is committed to four fields of action.

Sustainable Development Goals in four fields of action
Sustainable Development Goals in four fields of action
PurposeSwissgrid meets its key responsibility and ensures its economic efficiency in the long term.
PeopleSwissgrid takes its social responsibility towards its employees, contractors and other stakeholders seriously.
PartnershipSwissgrid behaves with integrity, minimises risks and creates added value for society through cooperation with stakeholders.
PlanetSwissgrid acts responsibly towards the environment.

Material topics

Swissgrid has laid the foundations for its commitment to sustainability by drawing up a materiality analysis in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards. The materiality analysis indicates the relevance of economic, ecological and social issues from the perspective of Swissgrid and its stakeholders, divided into the four fields of action Purpose, People, Partnership and Planet.

The result of the materiality analysis is presented as a matrix that combines two aspects of materiality. The vertical axis represents the assessment by Swissgrid’s stakeholders of topics over which the company has a significant influence. The horizontal axis illustrates on the one hand how the company is affected by certain issues (outside-in) and, on the other hand, the impact of the company’s business activities on the economy, the environment and society (inside-out). The vertical dimension will be explored in even more detail in the future by directly involving the stakeholders. It currently represents a preliminary evaluation by Swissgrid of the relevance of the topics for the stakeholders. Targets for the material topics will be continuously defined during normal management cycles and appropriate measures implemented.

Swissgrid Materiality Matrix
Swissgrid Materiality Matrix

What we do

Swissgrid contributes to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals within the framework of Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility. Sustainability is actively put into practice in all of Swissgrid’s activities.






  • | Media release

    Swissgrid receives «Prime» status in the ISS ESG sustainability rating

    The sustainability rating agency ISS ESG has awarded Swissgrid «Prime» status for its sustainability performance. In doing so, it confirms Swissgrid’s commitment to placing the emphasis on sustainability in its activities.

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