Grid stability

Balance between production and consumption

Switzerland, like its European neighbours, operates its power transmission grid at a frequency of 50 Hertz. To ensure that this frequency remains stable, electricity generation and consumption must always be in balance.

If the frequency in the grid falls or rises, electrical devices and even important generators can be damaged.

Specialists at Swissgrid quickly identify any imminent grid underload or overload and possible frequency fluctuations. Even if only extremely small fluctuations arise, the specialists take the necessary measures to return the transmission grid to a balanced state.

Wide Area Monitoring

The Wide Area Monitoring platform allows grid operators to monitor the stability of grids across great distances. It connects metering stations throughout Europe: from Portugal to Turkey and from Denmark to Sicily.

Devices in the relevant substations at multiple locations in Europe measure the grid frequencies at synchronised times, calculate the frequency and deliver the associated data in real time.

Swissgrid uses Wide Area Monitoring to constantly monitor the processes in the European electricity grid and to detect the direction in which the energy is flowing. This helps Swissgrid plan transport capacities and keep its domestic grid in equilibrium.

  • Grid data

    Swissgrid continuously compiles operating information, analyses it, and leverages it to optimise grid deployment. We use detailed criteria to monitor and assess the status of the transmission system in Switzerland.

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