Topic overview

ENTSO-E Operation Handbook

Reliable and efficient operation of the ENTSO-E (European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity) continental european grid requires close cooperation between the Transmission System Operators (TSO). To this end, the ENTSO-E or its precursor UCTE (Union for the Co-ordination of Transmission of Electricity) has drawn up rules and recommendations to define this collaboration.

The main aim of theĀ ENTSO-E Operation Handbook is as follows:

  • To create a comprehensive set of technical standards and recommendations
  • To ensure continued secure operation of the ENTSO-E continental european grid

The Operation Handbook contains the following:

  • The currently valid rules and recommendations
  • Rules governing critical grid situations
  • Rules for communication or data exchange

Swiss Transmission Code

The Transmission Code is a regulatory mechanism that defines the technical and organisational principles governing the Swiss transmission system. The provisions of the Transmission Code concern the relationship between Swissgrid and distribution system operators / owners, generating units, end consumers and other electricity market players. The Transmission Code describes the tasks and functions of all parties concerned. It also governs the interfaces between Swissgrid and the market players. The Transmission Code defines the minimum requirements governing operation, use of and connection to the Swiss transmission system.



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