Redispatch measures

Various measures are available to alleviate congestion by reducing a current or foreseeable operational overload to below the defined threshold. These measures may be preventative or operative and may be employed nationally or internationally.

The use of operative measures can be minimised to a great degree by means of preventative measures, such as NTC reductions or the auctioning of border capacity. Where the congestion remains despite the preventative measures or where events occur at short notice, Swissgrid will:

  • use topological measures
  • or intervene in power plant deployment by means of redispatch
  • or use a combination of topological measures and redispatch

Where redispatch is used, Swissgrid intervenes in the power plant deployment and directs some of the generating units to increase or decrease their production.

Detailed information on redispatch measures carried out can be found below. In particular, the exact period of time, the volume of power transferred, the affected power plants and the reason for the redispatch are published for each occurrence.




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