Swissgrid maintains active and transparent dialogue with stakeholders from the world of politics. The focus is on issues such as challenges in the European context, security of supply and the energy reform, as well as local grid expansion. The combination of the lack of an electricity agreement, the considerable expansion of renewable energies with volatile production and sluggish grid expansion presents a challenge for the operation of the transmission grid. Open, constructive dialogue with every element of society is crucial if such challenges are to be overcome.

For this reason, Swissgrid holds regular discussions with representatives of the worlds of politics and administration at national, cantonal and communal levels.

Your contacts

Andrea Mäder

Head of Public Affairs

Marie-Claude Debons
Marie-Claude Debons

Public Affairs Manager

Position papers

23.3942 Interpellation Ettlin Erich, The Centre

For a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly Swiss extra-high voltage grid.
Include new technology in grid planning.

Swissgrid position paper (in German)

23.3327 Postulate by Emmanuel Amoos, Social Democratic Party

Construction of a 200-kilometre-long direct current line in microtunnels between Bickigen BE and Pallanzeno IT

Swissgrid position paper (in German)

22.3321 Motion by Jürg Grossen, Green Liberal Party

Grid stability at low cost through integration of medium and small participants in the balancing energy market

Swissgrid position paper (in German)


Statements on consultation drafts

Statement on the Parliamentary initiative «Subordination of the strategic infrastructures of the energy industry under the Lex Koller»

Statement on the parliamentary initiative «Subordination of the strategic infrastructures of the energy industry to the Lex Koller». The parliamentary initiative would like to subject the strategic infrastructures of the energy industry - namely the hydropower plants, the electricity grids and the gas grids - to the Federal Act on the Acquisition of Real Estate by Persons Abroad.

As the national grid company, Swissgrid constantly ensures the non-discriminatory, reliable and efficient operation of the transmission grid. Swissgrid accordingly shares the concern to protect the Swiss electricity grid and the secure supply of electricity. However, we do not consider the present approach of the parliamentary initiative to be suitable for this purpose. Swissgrid is of the opinion that the existing regulations and ownership structures already take full account of the concerns of the parliamentary initiative. Swissgrid rejects the planned revision.

Further statements

  • | Media release

    Statement in response to the Energy Act (EnG): The legal framework must also support the integration of renewable energies into the overall system.

    By revising the Energy Act (EnG), the Federal Council is looking to create more incentives for expanding domestic renewable energies, while also ensuring the long-term security of supply. For this to succeed, the legal framework must also support the integration of renewable energies into the overall system. This requires measures such as consistent optimisation and acceleration of the approval processes for grid projects, innovative solutions for load management, an electricity agreement with the EU, as well as better data exchange.

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  • | Media release

    Statement in response to the Electricity Supply Act (StromVG): Swissgrid welcomes the political debate on security of supply

    Prompted by the revision of the Federal Electricity Supply Act (StromVG), the ongoing debate on security of supply in Switzerland is urgently needed. However, Swissgrid questions the recently proposed solution regarding the storage reserve and, in terms of its specific organisation, sees a considerable need to clarify the competences and responsibilities of the individual players. The targeted market liberalisation will have a positive effect on the transmission grid.

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