Strong partners for Swissgrid

Swissgrid is proud to operate one of the most stable and secure transmission grids in the world. This would not be possible without innovative and reliable suppliers. That is why suppliers have a special status at Swissgrid. The focus is on quality, reliability, cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

Swissgrid’s strategic purchasing ensures that the projects associated with the electricity grid are implemented to optimum effect. The company has a presence in each of Switzerland’s language regions. This means that buyers have their finger directly on the pulse of the procurement markets.

Safe and sustainable

As the operator of one of Switzerland’s critical infrastructures, Swissgrid insists on a high level of safety. The aim is to promote safety awareness within the company and among service providers. To that end, Swissgrid has introduced the Safety Culture Ladder (SCL). From 2022, the SCL will be a requirement for those service providers whose activities require a high level of occupational safety.

Swissgrid plays a key role in the energy system and can therefore make a significant contribution to implementing the Energy Strategy 2050. Swissgrid has always taken a long-term approach to its business activities. Together with nine other European transmission system operators, Swissgrid is calling on its suppliers to support the transmission system operators with more sustainable products and services, thus making an important contribution to the common goal of a climate-neutral Europe (The Greener Choice – A Joint Call for Action). When making procurements, Swissgrid takes the entire life cycle of each product into account. Swissgrid’s sustainability goals and expectations are set out in the «Supplier Sustainability Charter», which is signed by suppliers.

Public invitations to tender

As the national grid company, Swissgrid is subject to the Federal Act on Public Procurement (PPA) and the associated Ordinance (PPO). Procurements above the defined threshold value are put out to tender. As the holder of a natural monopoly, Swissgrid is aware of its special economic responsibility and significance in the procurement markets.

Swissgrid’s buyers ensure that procurement legislation is fully complied with at all times. Swissgrid publishes all public invitations to tender on the national procurement platform SIMAP (information system on public procurement in Switzerland).

Our invitations to tender on SIMAP contain the instructions that will take you to the specific tender documents on Ariba (see «Digital procurement» section). For invitations to tender in which Swissgrid determines and invites the contractors, you will receive an e-mail with a link to the tender documents. In this type of tender via invitation, successful qualification does not mean that you will automatically be entitled to be considered for the tender.

In accordance with Art. 27 of the Ordinance on Public Procurement PPO), Swissgrid provides information once a year in electronic form on its contracts subject to PPA from CHF 50,000 (including VAT).

Digital Procurement

We are digitising our procurement processes and going paperless! From January 2023, Swissgrid will use the Ariba platform for all procurement processes. Interactions with contractors and suppliers will take place via Ariba, starting with the registration and qualification processes, continuing with the electronic submission of tenders, and culminating in the electronic signature of contracts.

To ensure that the digital collaboration runs smoothly, the only thing that suppliers and contractors need is a free Ariba account (account name: «Ariba Network Standard Account for Suppliers»). More information about Ariba is available via this link.

You can register as a potential supplier with Swissgrid using your Ariba account. The registration process starts with Swissgrid sending you the registration questionnaire.

After you have successfully registered, Swissgrid will guide you through the qualification process for the product groups you have selected. After successfully qualifying, you will be listed as one of Swissgrid’s potential suppliers.


Ariba Workflow

Ariba Workflow

1 Ariba network account

The first step is to create a free Ariba account («Ariba Network Standard Account for Suppliers»).
Your company might already have an Ariba account. Please check within your company and use your existing account if you have one.

2 Registering with Swissgrid

Follow the instructions in our publications on SIMAP to let us know that you are interested to participate in a published tender.

3 The registration process

After your registration has been approved, you will need to enter some basic data about your company. You will only have to do this once.
You must successfully complete the registration process to become one of Swissgrid’s potential suppliers.

4 The qualification process

You will receive one invitation to qualify per product group. This step will only have to be completed once.
Before submitting a tender, the qualification stage must have been completed or its validity confirmed.
To be awarded a contract, you must have successfully completed the qualification process.

5 Submitting a tender

All tenders are submitted electronically via Ariba.

6 Signing contracts

Swissgrid prefers procurement-related contracts to be signed electronically. If a contract cannot be signed electronically, it should be signed by hand.

Electronic signature

Electronic signature Swissgrid prefers you to sign procurement-related contracts electronically. A qualified electronic signature (QES) is used for this purpose in accordance with ZertES. In Switzerland, this is equivalent to a handwritten signature. Swissgrid has opted for the solution provided by Swisscom and DocuSign. If you do not yet have a QES from Swisscom, you can find more information at SRS Direct.

FAQ Digital Procurement

Do you have more questions about registering with Ariba, or have you encountered problems when logging in to Ariba? We have put together answers to the most frequently asked questions for you.

Procurement contact form

We would be happy to answer any further questions you might have on the subject of procurement. You can contact us via our «Procurement contact form».




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