Current grid key figures


The standard frequency in Europe’s electricity grid is 50 Hz. To ensure the frequency always remains at a stable level the balance between production and consumption of electrical power must always be right.

Import / Export

This chart shows the Swiss electricity producer's exchange of energy with neighbouring countries, Germany, Austria, Italy and France. The arrow points towards Switzerland when Switzerland is currently importing more active power from a neighbouring country than it is exporting. The arrow points towards the neighbouring country when Switzerland is currently exporting more active power than it is importing.

Wide Area Monitoring

For the first time the power system frequencies of several locations in Europe are being time-synchronised and made publicly accessible with a high degree of precision in one common system. The measuring devices equipped with GPS receivers in each of the substations calculate the frequency and deliver it in real time together with other time-stamped data accurate to the microsecond. These are then collected at Swissgrid, superimposed on one another and published.

This is the result of many years of close collaboration between Swissgrid and the grid operators from Austria (APG), Denmark (, Portugal (REN), Slovenia (ELES), Croatia (HEP), Italy (TERNA) and Greece (IPTO).



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