Aim and purpose

The environment in which Swissgrid operates is challenging and sometimes complex. Swissgrid works with its partners to ensure that all the necessary contracts, processes and regulations are in place to enable the safe and reliable operation as well as the non-discriminatory use of the electricity grid.

When introducing new documents, Swissgrid intends to actively involve external stakeholders in the preparation of content and/or in the review of relevant material.

External stakeholders will be invited to critically review the concepts, industry documents or contract documents drawn up by Swissgrid or industry working groups, point by point.

Consultation procedure

  • Swissgrid writes to each stakeholder group concerned and invites it to take part in the consultation
  • Every external response received is assessed by Swissgrid from a legal, commercial and technical standpoint
  • All those taking part in a consultation receive an anonymised evaluation and assessment of all of the responses received

Consultation results



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