Since the end of 2008, Swissgrid has been procuring ancillary services (AS) in accordance with transparent, non-discriminatory and market-based procedures. Every provider who wishes to participate in the tenders must first meet the prequalification criteria. This ensures that the provider is in a position to provide the services offered.

Providers (so-called Ancillary Service Providers, or ASPs for short) must be prequalified by Swissgrid for the following ancillary services:

  • Primary control
  • Secondary control
  • Tertiary control
  • Extra-mandatory voltage support

Prequalification procedure

Please complete the respective form and send it together with a list of generating units to be qualified to:

Swissgrid Ltd
AS Planning & Procurement
Bleichemattstrasse 31
P.O. Box
5001 Aarau

The prequalification documents should not be submitted until Swissgrid has confirmed the generating units and assigned the corresponding EIC codes.

After submitting your prequalification application, your documentation will be verified and tests conducted in consultation with swissgrid. An appropriate framework contract will be concluded with you once you have successfully passed the prequalification. Prequalification and signature of the framework agreement are required in order to participate in tenders for ancillary services.

General documents

General prequalification documents

Prequalification primary control

Prequalification secondary control

Prequalification extra-mandatory voltage support

Prequalified bidders



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