AS documents

You will find the contracts, terms and conditions involved in participating in tenders on the page legislation.

Electronic invoices


The «AS allocation procedure» describes the procedures for requiring control power to be held in reserve in the event there is not enough control power to maintain secure grid operation.

Interface manual

The interface manual describes the exchange of information between the ancillary services provider (ASP) and Swissgrid. This exchange of information takes place within the ancillary services value chain.

Ancillary services products

Since the beginning of 2009, a market-based approach has been used to procure the ancillary services (AS) of primary, secondary, tertiary control and to procure power supplies to compensate for active power losses in the Swiss transmission grid. The document entitled «Principles of ancillary services products» provides a detailed description of the products put out to tender.

Ex Post Control of availability reserves

Swissgrid controls the power reserves in order to ensure its capacity of regulating the frequency.



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