In accordance with the legislative framework, Swissgrid has been purchasing ancillary services since 1st January 2009 in accordance with a transparent, non-discriminatory and market-based procedure. The invitations to tender take place daily, weekly or monthly, depending on the product.

The results of the invitations to tender for control power (primary, secondary, tertiary control power (PCP, SCP, TCP)) as well as for the energy for compensation for active power losses (CompAPL) are published in the following place from 2015. In the case of PCP and SCP, only the accepted bids are published, plus in the case of TCP and CompAPL also the non-accepted bids.

The results of the invitations to tender from older periods can be obtained at sdl-ausschreibung@swissgrid.ch.

Control power, active power losses and energy auctions abroad

Tertiary control energy

Hydropower reserve

Hydropower reserve

To ensure the security of electricity supply in Switzerland even in a shortage situation, a hydropower reserve is established annually. To procure the reserve, Swissgrid is conducting a tender for the coming winter on behalf of the ordinance (WResV). The results of the tender will be published here.

Period Procured Energy Average Price
1 December 2022 – 15 May 2023 400 GWh 739.97 EUR/MWh

AS tendering schedule

Matching of the schedules of ancillary services



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