Legal basis

The new Electricity Supply Act (StromVG) came into force on 1st of January 2008. The legislation requires that an independent organisation – Swissgrid, the national grid company – is responsible for the safe, reliable and cost-efficient operation of the Swiss transmission grid. Swissgrid guarantees that access to the grid is transparent and non-discriminatory.

The legal basis covers not only the laws governing Swissgrid, but also various regulations regarding the organisation and management of the national grid company.

Swissgrid’s regulated activities are regulated by ElCom in accordance with the cost-based principle. Costs are grouped into different segments and passed through to various stakeholders (tariff income).

  • Electricity price

    The Electricity Supply Act (StromVG) and Electricity Supply Ordinance (StromVV) define Swissgrid’s mission and the general conditions for its business activities. Swissgrid calculates the grid usage and ancillary service tariffs for its services every year on the basis of forecasts. Its tariffs are monitored by the Swiss Federal Electricity Commission (ElCom).

    Electricity price



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