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Are you studying engineering, natural sciences, electrical engineering or IT – or have you already completed your degree? Then Swissgrid is the ideal place to start your career.

Six people, six roles, one aim

Their efforts result in a safe and future-proof transmission grid

Planning, dealing with tasks, reacting to changes both internally and externally – the day-to-day operations of Swissgrid employees are not dissimilar to those of the human nerve system. Where necessary, both adapt to changing environmental conditions by optimization.

Nell Reimann
1/6: «To ensure the secure operation of the transmission grid, we collaborate closely with our European colleagues.» – Nell Reimann, Head of System Operations
Marc Emery
2/6: «Representing Swiss interests in projects while finding a common solution takes both perseverance and a willingness to compromise.» – Marc Emery, Senior Specialist Market & System Design
Petra Stocker
3/6: «Multitasking is important. As a project manager, you are a planner, controller, crisis manager, communications officer and much more all at the same time.» – Petra Stocker, Project Manager
Tobias Ott
4/6: «The Swiss and European electricity market is undergoing massive change. That’s why Swissgrid needs to constantly develop its range of products.» – Tobias Ott, Head of Product Development
Philippe Meuli
5/6: «Expansion projects affect lots of different parties. As a mediator, I try to get people talking and foster dialogue.» – Philippe Meuli, Grid Program Manager
Katia Schmidlin
6/6: «All the threads come together in procurement so that purchasing for grid construction projects can take place transparently, economically and efficiently.» – Katia Schmidlin, Senior Key Commodity Manager

There’s method in the madness

The Swissgrid Control grid control rooms in Aarau and Prilly are the transmission grid’s brain. As Head of System Operations, Nell Reimann manages both grid control rooms and is responsible for the safe operation of the grid. She and her team ensure a permanent balance between production and consumption and a reliable transportation of energy via the transmission grid. She permanently keeps one eye on the European network, coordinating with partners both in Switzerland and abroad.

The bigger picture in perspective

When it comes to collaboration, Marc Emery is an expert. The Senior Specialist Market & System Design has been on board since the early days of Swissgrid and has already supervised various major international projects. Facing national and international challenges, he continues to invest  his wealth of experience in the development of Swissgrid and its market operations, .

Progress by transformation

Projects that require changes across several business divisions are of great importance at Swissgrid. Petra Stocker is one of the colleagues who manages projects of this scale. From initialisation to operational handover, she takes charge of all project phases. Her current goal is to automate and optimise a business process called «Planned Shutdown of a Grid Element» with an IT-supported workflow solution.

Making synergies work

While shutdowns are generally planned over long periods of time, other events require swift action. Control and re-dispatch energy are put to use at short notice. This energy is purchased in fragmented markets. In order to optimise procurement, Head of Product Development Tobias Ott is working on merging these markets. Furthermore, he and his team also develop solutions to improve grid security and reduce costs.

Connecting the players

The operation of the transmission takes not only control energy, but also the modernization of the infrastructure. As Grid Program Manager, Philippe Meuli takes care of expansion plans initiated by interest groups. As a technical expert with overall responsibility, he helps to create optimum framework conditions to connect all those involved and to find solutions. It takes a lot of stamina to manage this kind of grid construction projects. After all, it takes years to move from the first ideas through the approval process to the commissioning.

No progress without procurement

A large variety of materials are required for grid construction projects. Procuring materials for constructing the pylons and lines is the responsibility of Katia Schmidlin. As Senior Key Commodity Manager, Katia ensures that these products are procured economically and in compliance with public procurement procedures. Furthermore, she checks specifications in terms of quality and ensures the comprehensible documentation of procurement.


We offer internships and diploma projects for students and graduates. Young people in the fields of engineering, natural sciences, electrical engineering and IT can make the perfect start to their professional career at Swissgrid.

What we offer

An internship at Swissgrid lasts between three and twelve months. Interns and graduates are involved in projects from day one. During this time they

  • assist our project teams with strategic planning,
  • help with complex analyses, prepare results and
  • create results presentations for the projects together with the project teams.

Our requirements

What do we expect from you?

  • You are an undergraduate or a graduate
  • You demonstrate a high level of commitment and personal responsibility and are accustomed to working independently in a goal-oriented manner
  • You work well and happily in a team
  • You are able to express yourself eloquently in German, both orally and in writing, and also have a good command of written and spoken English
  • You are familiar with Microsoft Office applications 

Your benefits

At the end of the internship we will discuss your experiences during your time at Swissgrid and give you detailed feedback. But we are also interested in your future: we will discuss with you the prospects for starting a career at Swissgrid.

Are you interested? Send us your dossier at least two months before you wish to start the internship. We require all your application documents, including CV, a photo and details of your availability. We would also be interested in the title and subject of your dissertation, if you already have it.

CAS «electrical energy systems – system operation»

The new federal energy strategy, the modernisation of operations, and the change in European energy markets present major challenges for the energy system. To enable Swissgrid to continue contributing to the established security of supply and quality, it is essential that the right decisions are made with regard to grid and market operations.

Advanced training in system operations
The new advanced training course on the subject of electrical energy systems focuses on system operations to help prepare specialists of distribution system operators, power plant operators, federal railways and Swissgrid for the oncoming challenges as well as possible.
This course will help participants develop the following skills:

  • Analysing electrical energy systems and planning operations
    Typical work scenarios: Optimising grid operations, determining a project’s technical and regulatory feasibility, proposing and planning grid optimisations and expansions.
  • Operating electrical grids
    Typical work scenarios: Analysing faults in the grid, proposing measures to secure grid stability, identifying critical operating situations early on, finding economic solutions for grid and market operations to minimise the impact of faults.

Swissgrid was able to work with Romande Energie, Omicron and the Research Centre for Energy Grids (FEN) to launch the certified course and influence the training content.

General goals
The goal of the afore-mentioned advanced training course is to offer interested engineers system operations training that can be applied to the entire industry. After completing the course, participants will be able to apply their skills in multiple areas and will have attained a standardised, high-quality training certificate covering various fields in electrical energy systems.



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