Administration Services & Assistance

The specialists in Administration Services & Assistance support our employees during their daily work, ensuring that there is a fully functional administrative infrastructure throughout the company. They also contribute a high level of expertise, lightening the load for every department. Their role can take a wide variety of forms: as the initial contact point for external visitors at the reception area, as the organiser of workshops and important meetings, in correspondence management or in committee administration.

In our department we ensure that the administrative buildings are in operation and support the core business so that Swissgrid functions optimally on a daily basis and even in hectic situations.

Pamela Suarez, Administrative Assistant

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    Als nationale Netzgesellschaft bieten wir Ihnen interessante Aufgaben in einem fachlich komplexen und kollegialen Umfeld. Entdecken Sie unsere offenen Stellen und gestalten Sie mit uns schon bald die Stromzukunft der Schweiz. 

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