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The mini-tunnel boring machine Giorgia gets started

Author: Marie-Claude Debons

October 2, Swissgrid has begun the drilling operation on the underground extra-high-voltage cable link between the La Bâtiaz substation and Le Verney in Martigny.

Giorgia, the mini-tunnel boring machine sporting the colours of Valais and of Switzerland, was recently lowered into the Verney shaft. Impressive pictures have been taken.

Over the next 8 months, the heavyweight of 60 tonnes will be boring a tunnel between Le Verney and the substation in La Bâtiaz. No workers will be present in the tunnel during the drilling. The mini-tunnelling machine will be entirely controlled from the control station at the Verney site.

Construction of the La Bâtiaz - Le Verney underground cable link will take two years. The 1.2-kilometre underground cable link is scheduled to be commissioned in 2022.

1/10: Giorgia – die mini-tunnel boring machine
2/10: The crane is being prepared
3/10: Giorgia is lifted in millimetre precision
4/10: Giorgia is lowered into the shaft
5/10: Giorgia is received in the shaft
6/10: Adjustment in the shaft
7/10: Giorgia is ready for drilling
8/10: The tunnel is fixed with concrete pipes
9/10: Bird's eye view of the shaft
10/10: The building site in Le Verney


Marie-Claude Debons
Marie-Claude Debons

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