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Implementation of «Strategic Grid 2025» is progressing

The implementation of «Strategic Grid 2025» is progressing well: Construction of two important line projects from «Strategic Grid 2025» will begin at the end of August. In Valais, the founda-tion work will start for the pylons for the new Chamoson – Chippis overhead line. And on 23 August, the ground-breaking ceremony for the underground cabling of a section of the Beznau – Birr line will take place in the Bözberg/Riniken area.

At the end of August, the first foundations for the pylons will be built on both the Chalais and Siders and the Sitten and Vex sections of the new Chamoson – Chippis extra-high-voltage line. They will be constructed in early 2019. The preparatory work, which started last January, is complete for the most part.

Construction will also begin at «Gäbihübel» near Bözberg/Riniken at the end of August 2018. Swissgrid is laying the 1.3 kilometre extra-high-voltage cable, which is part of the new 380 kV line, underground at that location. The existing 220 kV overhead line, which leads through the residential area of Neu-Riniken and Hafen, will be dismantled. Two transition structures will be built to link the cabled section to the overhead connections.

The modernisation of the transmission grid is a key factor for a sustainable energy policy, which the government and the community want to achieve through the Energy Strategy 2050 and which Swissgrid wants to realise with its «Strategic Grid 2025». Both line projects have been authorised, and their execution has been approved by the Federal Court.

The new Chamoson – Chippis 380 kV overhead line is vital for transmitting the energy generat-ed in the Valais power plants to the consumption centres in western and central Switzerland.

By increasing the voltage of the Beznau – Mettlen line from 220 to 380 kilovolts, Swissgrid is increasing the security of supply in the conurbations of Zurich and in central Switzerland.

Each line project is developed in a multi-stage planning and approval procedure which involves federal offices, cantonal authorities, environmental associations, network operators and other stakeholders. An evaluation scheme for transmission lines is used for the decisions. It was developed by the Swiss Federal Offices of Energy (SFOE), Environment (FOEN), Spatial Development (ARE) and the Federal Electricity Commission (EICom).



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