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Windstorm Vaia causes damage in the transmission grid

Windstorm Vaia caused damage last night in Switzerland's transmission grid. In total six Swissgrid lines were impacted by the windstorm. Grid security is ensured.

The exceedingly strong winds of the storm Vaia last night led to four high-voltage transmission pylons being buckled at Albula pass. The two impacted 380kV lines Filisur – Robbia and Pradella – Robbia/Sils are out of service. The pylons are located in an uninhabited, high-alpine area.

The scope of the damage is being determined. The necessary maintenance work will be implemented as soon as possible.

A total of six lines in the alpine region have been impacted by the windstorm since Sunday. The lines turned themselves off automatically. As soon as the weather conditions and the safety situation permit, all lines will be inspected on site for possible damage and repaired if needed before they can be turned back on.

Grid security in the transmission system is ensured. Currently there are no supply disruptions to be noted due to the events in the transmission grid.




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